Colby Liberal Arts Symposium included many student-athletes

WATERVILLE, Maine -- The Colby Liberal Arts Symposium (CLAS) had a number of student-athlete presentations and sessions during the annual event on May 2-3.

CLAS brings the Colby community together to recognize and celebrate student scholarship. By dedicating a full day to student scholarship, Colby allows its students to engage with faculty and the community in more direct and focused ways.

After Wednesday's celebration of the arts in the Colby Museum of Arts, classes were canceled Thursday so faculty, staff, and students could attend CLAS.

CLAS is among the largest, if not the largest, undergraduate research symposium of any liberal arts college in the country.

Below is a list of the student-athletes who participated in the event:

Colby Liberal Arts Symposium (CLAS) 


Thursday, 5/03


SESSION: Geology 
Senior Capstone: Extraterrestrial Geology 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: Tasha Dunn


Read, Merrill ('19) (field hockey) 
Petrography and mineralogy of an aubrite meteorite


Robert, Zena ('18) (softball) 
Juvinas' Journey: The geologic history of HED meteorites


Sinkler, Samuel ('18) (men's Nordic skiing) 
Petrography and mineralogy of a diogenite meteorite

SESSION: Government 
Conflict and Crisis in Africa 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: Laura Seay


O'Connor, Zachary ('18) (men's track and field) 
The Conflict Mineral Trade and its Effects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

SESSION: Government 
Parties and the Electoral Process 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: Sandy Maisel


Sikora, Parker ('20) (men's crew) 
Evaluating the Superdelegate: Tracking the Function and Influence of the Presdential Nominating Mechanism over Time

SESSION: Religious Studies 
The Jews of Maine 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: David Freidenreich


Sessions, Samuel ('21) (men's track and field) 
Jewish Back-to-the-Landers: A Rural Life, A Jewish Life

SESSION: Science, Technology, and Society 
Science, Technology, and Society 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: Jim Fleming


Darling, James ('21) (men's squash) 
How Big Data is Beginning to Control our Lives


Hallowell, Penrose ('21) (men's crews) 
City Parks and How Un-natural They Really Are


Middlebrook, Elizabeth ('21) (volleyball) 
How have changes in GDP affected gender roles since 1934?


Miller, Scott ('19) (men's lacrosse) 
The mechanization of "low skilled" labor


Rabins, Sabrina  ('20) (women's squash) 
The Effects of Technology on the Ability to Learn

SESSION: Science, Technology, and Society 
Science, Technology, and Society 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: Jim Fleming


Blair, Catherine ('21) (men's crew)


Holding, Chase ('21) (men's squash) 
How Technology/ Society Affect Ocean Life


Macphee, Jack ('21) (men's swimming) 
How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Life as We Know It


McNichol, Krisandra ('21) (field hockey)


Miller, Kirsten ('21) (women's Nordic skiing) 
The Development of Climate Change and its Impacts on Human Health


Vallee, Kaylie-Anna ('21) (women's track and field) 
The Biomedical Industry and its Advancements on Society: Will Our Curiosity Pave the Way to our Superiority or Our Destruction?

SESSION: Biology 
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: Ron Peck


Berzansky, Isa ('19) (women's track and field) 
A first step towards a salty carbon sink: Insertion of reductive citrate synthase into a salt loving archaea

SESSION: Economics 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: Dan LaFave


Burkett, Kate ('19) (field hockey, women's lacrosse) 
Cognitive and Noncognitive Abilities and the Gender Wage Gap in Indonesia


Beach, Alex ('18) (football) , Strand, Craig ('18) (football), Strand, Nick ('19) (football) 
Relationship between NFL Team Performance and Stadium Sponsor's Stock Performance


Layton, C.J. ('19) (men's lacrosse) 
Comparing the Socio-Economic Determinants of International Success by Olympic Sport


Daruwalla, Tyra ('19) (women's swimming) , McCrum, Katie ('19) (women's basketball) 
Can google search history data predict volume spikes in tradable stocks?


Friedman, Sam ('19) (men's lacrosse) , Smith, Myles ('18) (men's lacrosse) 
An Analysis of the effects of the NBA schedule on winning percentage


Rex, Liam ('19) (men's crew) 
An Assessment of NBA Teams' Operating Income


Ni, Jingwei ('18) (women's crew) 
What is the Impact of Socio-Economic Environment on HIV Prevalence Rate in Africa?


Richman, Matt ('19) (football) , Schwern, Jake ('19) (football) 
The Local Economic Impact of Sports Championships


Li, Andrew ('18) (men's cross country) , Stone, Michael ('19) (men's crew) 
Impact of Financial Incentives on the Production of Hydroelectricity


Burch, Sam ('18) (women's lacrosse) 
Financial Literacy for Colby Students, a Web-based application

SESSION: Environmental Studies 
Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: Philip Nyhus


Berzansky, Isa ('19) (women's track and field) 
Identifying lyme disease risk in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont


Kurry, Iain ('19) (men's track and field) 
Mapping big game harvest in Maine

SESSION: Various Departments 
General Session 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor:


McCarthy, James ('21) (football) 
Assessing distribution, relative abundance, body size, and diet composition of the introduced Mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus) in Maine


Blake, Gavin ('19) (men's swimming) 
Determining Conservation Priority Areas in the Maine High Peaks Using LIDAR and ArcPy


Dan, Shu ('20) (women's crew) , Hommeyer, Ella ('20) (softball) 
The Natural History Collection: Approaching the Task of Documenting, Researching, and Organizing Colby's Historic Collection of Dead Animals

SESSION: Writing 
Rhetoric, Writing, and Society 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: Stacey Sheriff


Ballance, McCabe ('21) (football) 
Composing Change at Colby: A Proposal & Recommendations


Greif, Olivia ('21) (women's soccer) 
Composing Change at Colby: A Proposal & Recommendations


Meyer, Jocelyn ('21) (women's tracl amd field) 
Composing Change at Colby: A Proposal & Recommendations


Whiting, Michael ('21) (football) 
Composing Change at Colby: A Proposal & Recommendations

SESSION: Computer Science 
Systems Biology II 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: Stephanie Taylor


Hilton, Michael ('18) (men's track and field) , Kennedy, Taylor ('18) (women's cross country) 
Sleepy Flies: Functional Contributions of Strong and Weak Oscillators in Synchronized Drosophila Circadian Clock Models

SESSION: Economics 
A LEED Evaluation of the Shair-Swenson-Watson Building 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: Michael Donihue


Russell, Paige ('20) (women's basketball) 
Comfort Survey


Sikora, Parker ('20) (men's crew) , Martell, Annika ('20) (women's Nordic skiing) 
Electrical Systems Analysis

SESSION: English 
Climate Fiction 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: Chris Walker


Theyerl, Ben ('20) (men's Nordic skiing) 
Needs and Wants: Food as a Speculative Representation of Economic System in Climate Fiction


Johnston, Kirsten ('20) (women's swimming and diving) , Larkin, Conor ('20) (men's soccer) 
What Catalyzes Change? An Analysis of Positionally in Climate Fiction


Liebler, Elizabeth ('18) (volleyball) 
The Many Faces of Capitalistic Resistance in Climate Fiction

SESSION: Psychology 
Psychology Poster Session 

SSW Alumni Center Parker-Reed 
Session Sponsor: Chris Soto


Balaban, Adam ('18) (football) , Grossman, Alessandra ('19) (women's crew) 
The relationship between Optimism, Social Support and Friendship Quality


Brokaw, Jackie ('18) (women's lacrosse) 
Character Traits and Social Media: Personality's Interaction with Emotional Responses to Instagram Posts


Fields, Zane ('19) (men's Nordic skiing) , Melvin, Robbi ('18) (men's crew) , Reilly, Micaela ('18) (women's track and field) 
Accuracy of Personality Judgment through Social Media


Crowell, Grace ('20) (women's lacrosse) 
The Stooping Stroop: The effect of mood and posture on selective attention


Buckman, Emily ('20) (field hockey) 
Confidence is Key: Academic Self-Worth and Confidence as a Function of Positive and Negative Thoughts and Academic Success


Fenton, Katie ('19) (women's hockey) 
You Are What You Eat: The Effects of Counterfeit Foods on Taste Preference and Dishonesty Judgments


Whitmyer, Riley ('19) (field hockey) 
Are those even real?: The effects of product authenticity and perceived social status on cheating behaviors


MacKerron, Jane ('20) (women's basketball) 
Retweet: The Role of Interactional Content on Microblog Memory


Devine, Katie ('20) (volleyball) 
Spoiler Alert! Ego Depletion and Fluency in Relation to Story Spoilers


Fanning, Lydia ('20) (women's cross country/track and field) , Schoeni, Madeleine ('20) (field hockey) , Tremblay, Sonia ('20) (women's cross country/track and field) 
Follow the Leader (or not) : The Effects of Authority and Self-Efficacy on Conformity


McDonough, Liam ('20) (men's cross country/track and field) 
Rip it Up & Throw it Away: An Intervention for Negative Thoughts about the Self


Miner, Brandon ('20) (football) 
How to Feel Guilty After Eating Cookies: Authenticity, Status, and Shame


Hutchinson, Kallie ('19) (field hockey) , Mell, Eliza ('20) (field hockey) , Rizzo, Sam ('19) (women's soccer) 
The "Moral Compass": Emotional Judgements of Immoral Acts


Rizzo, Sam ('19) (women's soccer) 
The Mini Mules Sports Camp: Evaluating the Benefits of an After-School Physical Activity Intervention Program


Rudinski, Anna ('19) (women's hockey) 
Timelines: A Possible Tool (or Not) to Aid Children's Eyewitness Testimony


Balaban, Adam ('18) (football) , Driscoll, Haley ('18) (women's basketball) 
When Memory Falls Short: The Effect of Suggestibility and Repeated Questioning


Albanese, Jacqueline ('19) (women's basketball) , Stokes Cerkvenik, Sophie ('19) (women's track and field) 
Effects of Expressive Writing About Relationships on Intentions to Drink


Horwood, Bridget ('19) (women's lacrosse) , Kline, Gabe ('19) (men's cross country/track and field) 
Got Time? You May Be Spending More Time on Alcohol Than You Think


Piibe, Aleks ('19) (women's tennis) , Venditti, Lydia ('19) (women's tennis) 
Peer Approval of Drinking Games at Colby


O'Brien, Elise ('18) (women's squash) 
Instagram & Finstagram: Which you are you posting?


Klitirinos, Phil ('18) (men's hockey), Lawrence, Sean ('19) (men's hockey) , MacDonald, Cam ('18) (men's hockey) , Rourke, John ('19) (men's hockey) 
Male Athletic Identity: Implications for College Campuses


Albanese, Jacqueline ('19) (women's basketball) 
Know thyself: The effect of true self-knowledge on prosociality


Melvin, Robbi ('18) (men's crew) 
An investigation of free will belief and racial prejudice


Schuhlen, Jonathan ('20) (men's hockey) , Song, Julianna ('20) (women's squash) 
Woof says the cat: The influence of stress and authority on conforming behaviors


Neumiller, Grace ('21) (women's swimming) 
Fact or Fraud: Memory for Real and Fake News


Horwood, Bridget ('19) (women's lacrosse) 
Why moist you be so negative? Contextual and lexical effects on word aversion and recall


Capstone Projects: Art Historians at Work 

Bixler 154 
Session Sponsor: Ankeney Weitz


Martin, Emily ('18) (women's soccer) 
Disability Studies in Art History: Encountering Disability


Restrepo, Kat ('18) (field hockey) 
Subversive and Satirical: How Laurie Simmons and Cindy Sherman Challenged Outdated Representations of Women through their Photography

SESSION: East Asian Studies 
Honors Projects, Senior Capstone Projects 

Diamond 221 
Session Sponsor: Kim Besio


MacLean, Ling ('18) (women's crew) 
Model Mules? A History of Asian Students at Colby College, 1954-2014


Das Gupta, Gayatri ('18) (women's crew) 
After the 2008 Tainted Formula Scandal: Infant Formula Preferences in China

SESSION: Economics 
Senior Theses 

Diamond 141 
Session Sponsor: Michael Donihue


Barnatchez, Keith ('18) (men's cross country/track and field) 
Employer Mandates and Firm Dynamics


Beland, Jason ('18) (men's cross country) 
An Analysis of the Demand Functions Faced by New England Region Alpine Ski Resorts


Decker, Michael W. ('18) (men's hockey) 
Building Ecolabeling's Effect on Boston's Commercial Office Markets

SESSION: Environmental Studies 
Honors Projects, Independent Study Projects 

Diamond 122 
Session Sponsor: Philip Nyhus


Hawkinson, Vivian ('18) (women's Nordic skiing) 
Developing generalizable spatial patterns of human-wildlife conflict

SESSION: History 
Senior Seminar: The American Civil War 

Diamond 223 
Session Sponsor: Elizabeth Leonard


Byrnes, Annie ('19) (women's crew) 
Divided State: Maryland Soldiers During the Civil War


Pappas, John ('18) (men's lacrosse) 
What Really Happened at Antietam: Eyewitnesses versus Historians


Sparacio, Christian R. ('18) (football) 
The 22nd United States Colored Infanry: Unsung Heroes of the Union Army

CARA Project Blitz--research by first-year presidential scholars 

Diamond Ostrove 
Session Sponsor: Martha Arterberry


Anderson, Aliza ('21) (women's swimming)


Neumiller, Grace ('21) (women's swimming) 
Fact or Fraud: Memory for Real and Fake News


Lermond, Jacklyn ('21) (women's crew) 
Making an Impact: The Youth Concussion Project


Bassman-Lyons, Alli ('21) (women's crew) , Gould, Samantha ('21) (women's crew) 
GIS and Large Landscape Conservation in the High Peaks of Maine

SESSION: German 
ConTexts in German Culture 

Diamond 242 
Session Sponsor: Rory Bradley


Holland, Elizabeth ('19) (women's track and field) 
Dealing with the Past Through Post WWII Literature


Skodock, Myriam ('21) (field hockey)


Winkelman, Cassandra J. ('21) (women's track and field) 
The Evolution of Vergangenheitsbewältigung

SESSION: East Asian Studies 
Second Language Pedagogy 

Diamond 221 
Session Sponsor: Andie Wang


Beach, Alex ('18) (football) 
Why does everyone need to know about second language acquisition? And what do we need to know?


Winkelman, Cassandra ('21) (women's track and field) 
Why does everyone need to know about second language acquisition? And what do we need to know?

SESSION: French 
Creolization and Social Change in Francophone America 

Diamond 344 
Session Sponsor: Benedicte Mauguiere


Horwood, Bridget ('19) (women's lacrosse) 
Migratory routes and creolization in Acadia

SESSION: History 
Europe and the Second World War 

Diamond 223 
Session Sponsor: Raffael Scheck


Bao, Yilei ('20) (men's crew) 
The Ardennes: The Achilles' Heel of France


Byrnes, Annie ('19) (women's crew) 
The Collective Memory of the Italian Partisan Resistance


Kim, Harris ('20) (men's swimming) 
German Defeat or Soviet Victory?

Visual Storytelling 

Diamond Ostrove 
Session Sponsor: Erin Murphy


Ashley, Ethan ('19) (men's crew) 
A Good Life Ever Since


Brashich, Elizabeth ('21) (field hockey/women's hockey) 
A Shadow of the Past


Martell, Annika ('20) (women's Nordic skiing) 
Rise Up


Russell, Paige ('20) (women's basketball) 


Southwick, Hannah S. ('21) (women's cross country/track and field) 
Shadows of the Past

SESSION: American Studies 
Honors Projects 

Diamond 123 
Session Sponsor: Laura Saltz


Restrepo, Kat ('18) (field hockey) 
Humor and Feminism in the Visual Culture of the 1970s: Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons, Maude, Mary Tyler Moore Show, and SNL

SESSION: Cinema Studies 
Cinema Studies Across the Curriculum 

Bixler 154 
Session Sponsor: Steve Wurtzler


O'Donnell, James F. ('18) (men's track and field) 
A Historical Analysis of Colby College Film Consumption Through the Echo Archives

SESSION: Education 
Honors Projects, Senior Seminars, Independent Study Projects 

Diamond 141 
Session Sponsor: Adam Howard


Martin, Emily ('18) (women's soccer) 
Gender and Physical Capital in Elite Schooling Environments


Petherbridge, Nicole ('20) (volleyball) 
Facilitating Student Voice Through Microadventures


Wrean, Katherine ('18) (volleyball) 
False Hopes: Exploring the Role of Marketing on Colby Students' Expectations and Experiences


Giles, Margaret ('18) (women's cross country/track and field) 
Sexuality and Social Belonging: Examining the Differences between Heterosexual and LGBQ+ Students' Experiences with Social Life at Colby College

SESSION: English and Environmental Studies 
Global Change Ecology and Environmental Humanities: Stories of Crisis and Resilience 

Diamond 242 
Session Sponsor: Chris Walker, Denise Bruesewitz


Donchik, Katy ('18) (women's crew) 
The COtune


Theyerl, Ben ('20) (men's Nordic skiing) 
Becoming With the Season; Becoming With Home

SESSION: General Session 
Environment and History 

Diamond 342 
Session Sponsor: Kara Kugelmeyer


Blair, Catherine ('21) (men's crew) 
The Real Effect of Regulation on Atlantic Salmon Population

SESSION: Government 
Honors Projects 

Diamond 122 
Session Sponsor: Jen Yoder


Erwin, Will ('18) (men's lacrosse) 
Political Decisions, Practical Consequences: An Examination of State Implementation Decisions Under the Affordable Care Act


Harris, Tim ('18) (men's crew) 
The Dark Side of Cartography: Evaluating Potential Solutions to Partisan Gerrymandering


Keenan, Meredith ('18) (field hockey/women's hockey) 
Gendered Approach to Waterville Community Power Structure

SESSION: Independent Majors 
Capstone Research 

Diamond 344 
Session Sponsor: Natalie Zelensky


Chandler, Thomas ('18) (men's squash) 
Subsidized Housing in the Neoliberal Era: HOPE VI Implementation for Chicago's Cabrini-Green Public Housing Project


Smith, Chandler ('18) (men's soccer) 
Education at Colby: a strategic response to the global challenges we will face in 2052

SESSION: Religious Studies 
Honors Projects, Independent Study Projects, and Compagna-Sennett Research Fellows 

Diamond 241 
Session Sponsor: Nikky Singh


Snyder, Mark ('18) (football) 
Respect or Resist? Contextualizing Evangelical Identity in the Trump Era

Transdisciplinary Humanities 

Diamond Ostrove 
Session Sponsor: Adrianna Paliyenko


Beaulieu, Charlotte ('20) (women's crew) 
The Origins of Zola's Experimental/Naturalist Novel La bête humaine

Community-Based Learning: What and How We Learn from Community 

Diamond Ostrove 
Session Sponsor: Kurt Nelson


Wessman, William ('20) (baseball) 
Colby Cares About Kids (CCAK)

SESSION: American Studies 
Senior seminar: Space, Culture, and Neoliberalism 

Diamond 123 
Session Sponsor: Ben Lisle


Chandler, Thomas ('18) (men's squash) 
The State of Public Housing in the Neoliberal Era


Gomez, Sam ('18) (football) 
Casinos and Community


Houston, Marcques ('18) (men's track and field) 
Fast Food, Diners, and Urban Development in Neoliberal America


MacDonald, Cam ('18) (men's hockey) 
Fenway Park: Aesthetics and Capitalism


Restrepo, Kat ('18) (field hockey) 
HGTV's Fixer Upper: Selling the American Dream


Snyder, Mark ('18) (football) 
Neoliberal Impacts on Wrigleyville

SESSION: Economics 
Senior Seminar: Global Production 

Diamond 341 
Session Sponsor: Andreas Waldkirch


Benicky, Mario ('18) (men's hockey) 
Economic Transition of Post-Communist Countries in Europe and their Assimilation within the European Union


Dickert, Pat ('18) (men's basketball) 
The Effect of Political Cycles on Foreign Direct Investment into Taiwan


Klitirinos, Phil ('18) (men's hockey) 
The Impact of Greece's Financial Crisis on Inward FDI


Seymour, Jacqueline ('18) (women's hockey) 
Pharmaceutical Foreign Investment in India: Evolution and Recent Changes

SESSION: Biology 
Development, Genes, and Evolution 

Diamond 145 
Session Sponsor: Dave Angelini


Feeney, Noel ('18) (men's cross country/track and field) 
Gene editing applications to HIV resistance and treatment


Hilton, Michael ('18) (men's track and field) 
The evolution of malaria resistance

Friday, 5/04


SESSION: Russian 
2018 CBB Russian Symposium -- The Russian Novel 

Lovejoy 215 
Session Sponsor: Elena Monastireva-Ansdell


Blauer, Kate ('19) (women's crew) 
Water and Baptism Symbolism in Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita"

Tuesday, 5/08



Science Library 
Session Sponsor: Allison Moloney


Hoenig, Sam ('19) (men's tennis) 
Zellweger Syndrome: Don't be Peroxi-dazed by long chain fatty acids


Kline, Gabe ('19) (men's cross country/track and field)
Papillon-Lefevre Syndrome: A Rare Disease of Dry Scalyness and Early Teeth Growth

Life Sciences and Society 

Diamond 221 
Session Sponsor: Natalie Aviles


Brashich, Elizabeth ('21) (field hockey/women's hockey) 
Life Sciences and Society Final Paper Poster Presentation


Carroll, Helen ('19) (women's crew) 
Life Sciences and Society Final Paper Poster Presentation


Deming, Amanda ('20) (women's crew) 
Life Sciences and Society Final Paper Poster Presentation


Liphart, Ian ('18) (men's Nordic skiing) 
Life Sciences and Society Final Paper Poster Presentation


SESSION: Sociology 
Starting a Business or Nonprofit? Lessons from Sociology 

Diamond 221 
Session Sponsor: Natalie Aviles


Kinoshita, Makoto ('18) (men's crew)


Mason, Kathleen ('18) (softball) 
Group Project Presentation

SESSION: Religious Studies 
Belonging in this place: Stories about Maine's Jews 

Waterville Public Library 
Session Sponsor: Freidenreich, David M.


Sessions, Sam ('21) (men's track and field)

Wednesday, 5/09


SESSION: Computer Science 
Analysis of Algorithms 

Davis 301 
Session Sponsor: Dale Skrien


Dickey, Ian ('18) (football)


Martin, Matt ('18) (men's tennis)

Thursday, 5/10


Life Sciences and Society 

Diamond 221 
Session Sponsor: Natalie Aviles


Ramsey, Anna ('18) (women's crew) 
Life Sciences and Society Final Paper Poster


Smith, Ben ('21) (men's track and field) 
Life Sciences and Society Final Paper Poster


Venditti, Lydia ('19) (women's tennis) 
Life Sciences and Society Final Paper Poster


SESSION: Sociology 
Starting a Business or Nonprofit? Lessons from Sociology

Diamond 221 
Session Sponsor: Natalie Aviles


Ferri, Michael A. ('18) (men's alpine skiing) 
Group Project Presentation