The Colby Leadership Academy allows a selected group of student-athletes the opportunity to train and develop skills to become leaders on their teams, on campus, and after college in the workplace.

One of the main goals of the program is to identify future leaders during their first year at Colby. The academy targets and then trains three distinct groups of student-athlete leaders.

  • The Emerging Leaders Program is designed for a select group of "high potential" sophomore student-athletes to develop into effective team leaders. The program emphasis is creating effective leaders by example while setting the stage for vocal leadership.
  • The Veteran Leaders Program is for a select group of juniors from all Colby teams. The program teaches student-athletes the critical skills and insights necessary to be effective vocal leaders.
  • The Legacy Leaders Program is for senior leaders who have successfully completed the Emerging and Veteran Leaders programs. The seniors focus on applying leadership skills to positively impact the team, athletic department, campus, and the community at large.

Students are nominated for the Colby Leadership Academy by their head coaches. Many of the leaders go on to captain teams in their junior and senior seasons.