Parker-Reed Trophy Room

The Parker-Reed Trophy Room houses Colby College's athletics trophies, retired uniforms, and other displays. The room is located above the basketball court and to the left when you enter the main entrance at the Harold Alfond Athletic Center. 

The room is used throughout the year for meetings, conferences, film sessions, and other activities. Parents often use the room for post-game meals for the Colby players.

Retired Uniforms

Ted Shiro #10 Class of 1951, Men's Basketball

Ronald Ryan #10 Class of 1962, Men's Ice Hockey

Bruce Kingdon #40 Class of 1962, Football

Kenneth Stone #15 Class of 1964, Men's Basketball

Sebsibe Mamo Class of 1970, Men's Track

Douglas Reinhardt #30 Class of 1971, Men's Basketball

John W. Winkin 1955-1974 Baseball Coach

Brad Moore #54 Class of 1975, Men's Basketball

Peter Gorniewicz #30 Class of 1975, Football

Paul Harvey #44 Class of 1978, Men's Basketball

Lee Johnson #6 Class of 1979, Women's Ice Hockey

Paul Spillane #13 Class of 1979, Baseball

Patricia Valavanis #22 Class of 1980, Women's Basketball

Sara S. Bunnell #16 Class of 1981, Field Hockey & Women's Lacrosse

Rick Fusco #4 Class of 1983, Men's Basketball

Harland Storey #34 Class of 1985, Men's Basketball

Therese Langlois #32 Class of 1985, Women's Basketball

Lalyn Ottley #44 Class of 1986, Women's Lacrosse

Jamie Arsenault #18 Class of 1988, Baseball

Kevin Plummer #19 Class of 1989, Men's Lacrosse

Mark Burke #16 Class of 1989, Men's Soccer

Megan Patrick #13 Class of 1989, Women's Ice Hockey

Emilie Davis #53 Class of 1990, Field Hockey

Matt Hancock #24 Class of 1990, Men's Basketball

Kevin Whitmore #40 Class of 1991, Men's Basketball

John Daileanes #33 Class of 1992, Men's Basketball 

Michelle Severance Class of 1994, Women's Track

Kate Lavigne Class of 1995, Tennis & Squash

Matt Gaudet #22 Class of 1995, Men's Basketball

David Stephens #52 Class of 1996, Men's Basketball

Barb Gordon #24 Class of 1997, Women's Ice Hockey

Cynthia Pomerleau Heptathalon National Champion Class of 1997, Women's Track & Field

Jackie Bates #3 Class of 1998, Volleyball

Jenna De Simone #16 Class of 1998, Women's Soccer

Meaghan Sittler #16 Class of 1998, Women's Ice Hockey

Kristina Stahl #23 Class of 1999, Women's Lacrosse

Matt Williams #2 Class of 1999, Men's Lacrosse 

Jamie Brewster Class of 2000, Men's Track and Field

Cait Cleaver #9 Class of 2006, Volleyball