2016 Field Hockey Roster

No. Name Pos. Cl. Ht. Hometown/High School
Elle Fitzgerald full bio 1 Elle Fitzgerald M So. 5-0 Falmouth, Maine / Falmouth
Sabrina Rabins full bio 2 Sabrina Rabins M/D Fy. 5-4 Weston, Mass. / Noble and Greenough
Tori Brown full bio 3 Tori Brown M Sr. 5-3 Medfield, Mass. / Medfield
Kate Burkett full bio 4 Kate Burkett M/D So. 5-6 Larchmont, N.Y. / Convent of the Sacred Heart
Aria Nicoletti full bio 5 Aria Nicoletti D Fy. 5-3 Walpole, Mass. / Moses Brown
Kallie Hutchinson full bio 6 Kallie Hutchinson M So. 5-7 Pownal, Maine / Yarmouth
Merrill Read full bio 7 Merrill Read M So. 5-6 Milwaukee, Wis. / University School of Milwaukee
Eliza Mell full bio 8 Eliza Mell D Fy. 5-7 Far Hills, N.J. / Westminster School
Erika Smith full bio 9 Erika Smith M Jr. 5-2 Salem, N.H. / Salem
Sarah Gaffney full bio 10 Sarah Gaffney M/D So. 5-5 Bolton, Mass. / Nashoba Regional
Caroline Ferguson full bio 11 Caroline Ferguson M Sr. 5-7 Weston, Mass. / St. Paul's School
Meredith Keenan full bio 12 Meredith Keenan M Jr. 5-7 Sherman, Conn. / Immaculate
Maddie Schoeni full bio 13 Maddie Schoeni M Fy. 5-6 Ann Arbor, Mich. / Ann Arbor Pioneer
Holli Olson full bio 14 Holli Olson M So. 5-7 Ludlow, Vt. / Woodstock Union
Kaleigh Hoffman full bio 16 Kaleigh Hoffman M Sr. 5-5 North Chelmsford, Mass. / Chelmsford
McKayla Blanch full bio 17 McKayla Blanch M Sr. 5-4 Tewksbury, Mass. / Lawrence Academy
Hayley Gibson full bio 18 Hayley Gibson D Fy. 5-4 Chester Springs, Pa. / Downington STEM Academy
Hannah Hearn full bio 19 Hannah Hearn M Sr. 5-3 Auburn, Maine / Hebron Academy
Rebecca Moore full bio 20 Rebecca Moore F Jr. 5-4 Concord, Mass. / Buckingham Browne & Nichols
Danielle Smith full bio 21 Danielle Smith M Jr. 5-2 Salem, N.H. / Salem
Kat Restrepo full bio 22 Kat Restrepo D Jr. 5-7 Columbus, Ohio / Columbus Academy
Anna Rudinski full bio 23 Anna Rudinski F So. 5-9 Morristown, N.J. / Choate Rosemary Hall
Riley Whitmyer full bio 28 Riley Whitmyer G So. 5-9 Bentleyville, Ohio / Hathaway Brown School
Emily Buckman full bio 52 Emily Buckman G Fy. 5-7 Chatham, N.J. / Chatham High School