CLASS OF 2016 PERSPECTIVE: Brittany Chin, women's lacrosse

(This is the fourth in a series of Class of 2016 perspectives. The student-athletes featured will write about their time at Colby.)

Brittany Chin

Shrewsbury/Shrewsbury, Mass.

women’s lacrosse

majors: computer science and mathematical sciences

One of the most enjoyable and unexpected parts of my senior year came in the Colby Admissions Office, where I worked as a senior admissions fellow. There were 17 of us, each with very different Colby stories, and we had two main parts to the job: we interviewed prospective students and gave information sessions for visiting families.

This job was particularly demanding because I was regularly asked to reflect on my Colby career as a whole. On a daily basis I had high school students and their parents asking me “What challenged you the most at Colby? What are you going to miss the most when you leave Colby? Why did you choose Colby? What is your favorite part about Colby? What is your favorite memory?”

I found myself repeatedly going back to the same topic that applied to everything: lacrosse. It took a while to fully realize it, but my time on the lacrosse team had made an impact on me in every aspect of my college life, from my timid days as a first-year to one of seven seniors leading the team.

I would tell families that the team gave me a place on campus where I could goof off, be myself, and have a great time. My teammates and I all have different backgrounds and diverse interests, yet we all still came together every day to work toward a common goal. I would reassure visiting parents that I learned just as much from the people around me on the field as I did from my professors in class earlier the same day. I love the collaborative aspect to the game: coaches and players together brainstorm a new offensive play to try out, or give pointers on how to adjust playing defense. The personal skills that I have developed from lacrosse have enhanced my education – I know what its like to work under pressure, to communicate efficiently and effectively in the heat of a game, to be a leader and lead by example, and to be involved in something where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

I intrigued prospective students by telling them how I was encouraged to get involved elsewhere on campus while also playing a varsity sport (and supported while doing it). All four years at Colby I was involved in student government, which was also a large time commitment. It was incredible how my coach and teammates encouraged me to get involved in that way, and even used me as a resource when they had questions or inquiries about other matters at Colby. You will have a hard time finding a player on the lacrosse team that is not involved elsewhere on campus.

In admissions after answering the first round of questions, I would get follow-up questions from families such as “Do you really have enough time to do all of that? “That sounds a little too good to be true? Were varsity sports actually that conducive to getting involved (or going abroad)? If you do it all over again, would you? The answer to all of those questions was always: yes. Playing lacrosse at Colby was challenging, rewarding, exciting, stressful, supportive, thrilling, and beautiful. And I can’t wait to come back to games as an alum and cheer on Colby Women’s Lacrosse.