Five questions for women's lacrosse player Lexie Perticone

1.   You have been part of President David Greene’s revitalization project for Waterville. How did you get into that project?

After taking a full course load for the past six semesters, I realized that this fall I had some flexibility in my schedule. I was thinking about the possibility of doing an independent study for my economics major, and while I was brainstorming ideas for my project I realized that all of my ideas revolved around real estate. I then remembered reading in a Colby press release this past summer about our school having purchased multiple buildings downtown. I did not know much about it, and so I searched for the article again and then reached out to President Greene to ask him if he was in need of any student assistance on the project. President Greene responded the next morning with pure enthusiasm. He was able to put me in touch with Brian Clark and Paul Ureneck, the two people leading the project. I was offered an internship for the school year and since then I have worked on a myriad of tasks for various different aspects of the project. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to take part in this project because I love Colby and it was a great learning experience for me to gain some first-hand knowledge about commercial real estate, as I will be working in that industry after graduation. 

2.   The women’s lacrosse team is ranked sixth in the country at 12-3 after the team started off 2-3. As one of the three captains, is there a sense of pressure of being on your current 10-game winning streak?

There is always a sense of pressure when playing on a team with a winning streak, but I like to think of that pressure as a privilege. It is an amazing feeling to be a part of a team that has had tremendous success and if you frame that worry or nervousness in a positive light it takes a significant amount of the pressure away. Before the Middlebury game, the three captains wrote a letter to the team explaining that it is okay to feel a little jittery but that it is imperative to turn that worry inside your body into excitement. We have learned as a team that when we play with confidence we play our best lacrosse, and that was the message that we, as captains, were hoping to relay to the team prior to the game.

3.   You have 55 assists in the past three years and currently are tied for first in the NESCAC in assists (22) and are tied for third in total points (53). You seem to see the field well and you move with speed with your head always up. Is that ability something you have developed at Colby or have you always been someone who can dish the ball?

I was lucky enough to come from a strong lacrosse program (Darien, Conn.) in high school, which was great training for the transition to college lacrosse. But most importantly, since coming to Colby, I have had the pleasure of playing under some amazing upperclassmen who helped mold me into the lacrosse player I am today. Colby Women’s Lacrosse has a tradition of tremendous leadership and the current CWL team is a product of the standards that predecessors set for us. All I can say is that I hope we, as a senior class, are able to carry on this tradition for many more years of successful CWL teams in the future.

4.   Your sister, Hollis, plays for Middlebury, which came to town last Saturday for a big showdown. She is having a fine season and played well in Colby’s 9-6 victory. Is there a sister rivalry when you two play against each other?

There is always a rivalry when Colby plays Middlebury, but having a sister on the Middlebury team most definitely heightens the stakes. With that being said, our rivalry is friendly. I was joking to my mom before the game that the best outcome would be for Colby to win and for my sister, Hollis, to have a great game herself. Luckily for me, I think that was the case this past weekend. 

5.   You have a real estate position lined up after graduation next month. What’s that entail and what do you see yourself doing in the future?

I have been accepted into the Cushman and Wakefield 2017-2018 PREP Program. This is a 12-month rotational program with the experience of working on different teams. I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to get a taste of a few different aspects of the industry before deciding which sector to choose for long-term work.