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Sports Medicine

Colby athlete exercising. Sports medicine at Colby provides quality healthcare, health education, and preventative services through a team of Colby athletic trainers and MaineGeneral doctors, who serve as team physicians.

MaineGeneral Medical Center Sports Medicine Partnership

In fall 2019 Colby launched a partnership with MaineGeneral Medical Center that creates access to an array of medical specialists, including primary care sports medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physical and occupational therapists, and neurology and cardiology specialists.

This model is often implemented by professional sports teams as well as U.S. Olympic and national teams.

Sports medicine physicians provide on-campus care and clinical oversight to members of sports teams. In addition, athletes have direct access to local physical therapy services, with appointments made on a referral basis by the team physician or athletic trainer.

Services Include:

  • Student athletes have direct on-campus access to a MaineGeneral sports medicine physician two days a week within the Nelson Athletic Training Center; direct access by appointment to the MaineGeneral sports medicine clinic in Oakland or Augusta five days a week; and access by referral to MaineGeneral’s regional network of sports medicine professional services, including all imaging services and other specialists such as orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, etc.
  • The Colby College athletic trainers have the ability to directly reach out to a sports medicine physician for any student athlete medical issues.
  • On-campus team physician services are provided at select home athletic contests.
  • Student athletes have direct access by appointment to physical therapy and occupational therapy services in Oakland (107 First Park Drive) and Augusta (15 Enterprise Drive) five days a week, and on-campus physical therapy services continue two days a week at the Health Center. An additional day of physical therapy services is now available at the Nelson Athletic Training Center.
  • The team physician provides clinical oversight and collaboration with Colby sports medicine staff to develop and implement best practices to ensure the health and safety of our student athletes. The team physician also advises regarding injury risk management, strength and conditioning, and rehabilitation protocols.

Meet the Team Physicians:

Elizabeth Rothe, MD Dr. Elizabeth Rothe serves as Colby’s primary team physician. Dr. Rothe is a board-certified sports medicine and family medicine physician. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 2005 and completed her family medicine and sports medicine training at Maine Medical Center in 2009.  

Dr. Chris Lutrzykowski serves as the alternate team physician. Dr. Lutrzykowski provides sports medicine consultation and treatment at MaineGeneral Orthopaedics’ locations. He graduated from Jefferson Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University and completed a sports medicine fellowship at the University of Massachusetts. 










Meet Colby's Athletic Trainers

Tim Weston is currently entering his 11th year as the Head Athletic Trainer at Colby. He has been a member of the Colby Sports Medicine staff since 1992, first serving as assistant athletic trainer at Colby for 16 years before assuming his current position in 2008.


Emily Vertabedian

Christopher O'Toole

Christopher O'Toole

Ashley Bovat

Kristine Popelka

Kristine Popelka 

Mishaal Amjad

Meredith Atwood

Meredith Atwood


Carl Nelson Athletic Training Room

In-season student athletes can receive treatment seven days a week in the Nelson Athletic Training Center Athletic, located in the Alfond Athletics Center. Out of season student athletes are seen by scheduled appointment only with the team-assigned athletic trainer. To contact the Nelson Center, call 207-859-4970.   

Insurance/Payment for Treatment

Colby College does not bill for services performed by its athletic trainers. MaineGeneral Medical Center and other healthcare providers will bill patients/insurers for clinical services. A student athlete’s regular health insurance will respond as the primary insurance, with traditional co-pays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses as governed by the terms of the student athlete’s policy. 

As a benefit to student athletes, Colby purchases a basic sports policy that serves as the secondary insurance policy for injuries related to in-season activities controlled and supervised by the College. As secondary insurance, this policy covers remaining expenses after the primary insurance reimbursement, including the primary insurer’s co-payments, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses, up to $90,000. The NCAA maintains an insurance policy to provide coverage for catastrophic injuries for athletes injured during in-season activities, starting at $90,000 in expenses.  

For injuries related to off-season activities, NESCAC’s “Guidelines for Out-of-Season Activities” prohibit its member colleges from purchasing insurance to serve as secondary coverage for student athletes. As such, for off-season related injuries, a student athlete’s regular health insurance will serve as primary, and the student and student’s family will be responsible for co-payments, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses.  


*If you sustain an IN-SEASON INJURY that requires medical care, follow these steps:

  1.      Notify your assigned team athletic trainer as soon as possible for assistance with initiating a claim under Colby’s basic sports secondary insurance. 
  2. Give the medical provider your regular/primary health insurance information and provide the following information as your secondary coverage:

BMI Benefits, LLC (Claims Administrator)

PO Box 511, Matawan, NJ 07747 

800-445-3126 (P) 732-583-9610 (F)

Insurer: Catlin Insurance Company Incorporated      Policy Number: US00092126AC19A

A BMI Claim Form must be signed by students’ athletic trainer. 

Physical Therapy Services

MaineGeneral Physical Therapy provides services on campus within the Garrison-Foster Health Center and the Carl Nelson Athletic Training Center three days a week. Students are referred to physical therapy by the team physician or health center provider. Referrals to physical therapy are billed by the hospital to the student’s primary insurance. In some cases, an insurance referral by the student’s primary care physician may be required.

MaineGeneral physical therapists evaluate each patient, create a specific rehabilitation plan designed for that patient, and work with the patient to achieve the best results possible. These can include exercise, manual therapy, stretching, use of exercise equipment, and home program activities. All patients are given education on the particular issues that impact their condition.

Student Athlete Medical Documentation Checklist

All varsity (per NCAA requirements) and rugby student athletes must have the following completed before their first team practice/activity in order to be cleared for participation:

  1. Health care provider physical exam: All first-year or first-time varsity (NCAA requirement) and rugby student athletes need to have their provider physical exam done after April 1, 2019. Athletic physical exams are NOT provided by Garrison-Foster Health Center. Please note your healthcare provider must complete the entire "Required Exam for Athletic Clearance" on the enclosed form in order to be cleared for athletic participation. The physical exam form can be found here.
  2. Pre-participation exam: Every year varsity athletes and rugby players must fill out the online Colby Sports Medicine Annual Health Questionnaire through the Colby College portal. For fall sport athletes this will occur in early August (winter and spring sport athletes will fill out this online form in September). Upon arrival on campus, the student will meet at a scheduled time with an athletic trainer for medical clearance prior to participation in any practices/games/team testing activities.
  3. Sickle Cell trait screening documentation: This only has to be completed once during an athlete’s career at Colby College. 
  4. Baseline ImPact testing: Instructions on how to complete baseline ImPact testing will be provided by the student’s athletic trainer prior to the start of the season. This is done for all first-year or first-time varsity and rugby student athletes.

Student Workers

Colby students have the unique opportunity to work closely with Colby’s athletic trainers. All student workers are certified in First Aid and CPR/AED. Student workers assist the athletic trainers with the day-to-day operation of the Nelson Center Athletic Training Room. Student workers often assist athletic trainers in pre-game and post-game setup of equipment and supplies. While these students do not directly provide rehabilitative services to student-athletes, they do gain first hand experience in the field of Sports Medicine by closely observing the athletic trainers. These students are always available to provide aid in an emergency situation.

If you are interested in becoming a student worker with the Athletic Training Services Staff, please contact Chris O'Toole.


For More Information

Timothy Weston, Head Athletic Trainer and Athletic Health Care Administrator