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Every Person using the Athletic Center MUST HAVE a PASS or COLBY ID


Type of Pass Price Includes  Notes

 Faculty/Full-time Staff

 Spouses & *Dependents


 Fitness Center if over 16 yrs. & all facilities

 Children under 16

 must be accompanied by an adult

 Junior Pass  Free

 Only pool & track - Pool Times posted by semester

 Parent must sign release & junior must be accompanied by adult w/ pass
 Community  Member

$75 per semester 9/1-1/1 or 1/1-5/20

$150 for year 9/1-5/20

Gym, Pool & Track - Pool Times posted by semester May use when facilities are not being used by athletic teams 
 Alumni Pass

 $50 per Semester 9/1-1/1 or 1/1-5/20

$100 per Year 9/1-5/20

Gym, Pool & Track - Pool Times posted by semester Spouse/Partner of alum may purchase pass at same price
 Comp. Pass  Free for up to 1 week Gym, Pool & Track - Pool Times posted by semester Bon Appetit may use facilities w/ note or paystub
 Clergy  Free - Ends 5/20  All Facilities - Pool Times  posted by semester  
 Doctor's Care  - Swim & Jog  Pass  $50 per  Semester  Pool & Track - Pool Times  posted by semester  All release forms signed and sent from hospital's HR Dept. 
 Noon Hoops  $70 for Year 9/1-  5/30 or $35 per  Semester  Gym Only  
 Rink Pass  $70 Ends 3/31  Ice Rink Only   
RSVP Walking Program *No pass required - must sign in w/ RSVP Rep. in Field House

 Free to 55+ Open from 11/2-4/15

10:30am - 12:00 pm closed during school breaks

 Contracted by Healthreach. Must sign in with representative

 For Persons 55+ 

For info: 861-3534


* To purchase a facility pass please see Cindy Vassey, 3rd floor Athletic Center - Rm#318, between 9 a.m.-12 p.m. or 1 to 4 p.m. Method of payment is cash or check.

* Colby employees use all facilities with Colby ID. Spouses and dependents may use all facilities with a department issued pass. 

* Dependents are those covered/eligibile by the employee's insurance plan.