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Fitness Center Guidlines

**You must be 16 to use the weight room.

1.   Weight Room Etiquette


  • Respect for Self + Others when Entering Weight Room: 
  • Be Aware of others around you when you are lifting:
    1. Language + behavior appropriate for every member.  No profanity.
    2. Allow individual to complete lift w/o disruption.
    3. Please be courteous and allow others to “work in” or take turns.
  • As a Courtesy to fellow members please assure that:
    1. Wipe your perspiration from equipment after use.
    2. Clean the room after use.
    3. Return + rack weights when finished

2.   Weight Room Longevity

  • Do not slam or drop the dumbbells or plate loaded bar on the floor.
  • Do not drop or slam the weight plates on the machines.
  • There should be no dropping of the weights – the floor is not structurally designed for this

3.   Proper Footwear must be worn:

  • Crosstrainers, fitness or tennis shoes must be worn. NO SANDALS or BARE FEET

4.   Proper Workout attire is Necessary:

  • Tank tops or t-shirts must be worn

5.   Safety:

  • ALWAYS use a spotter when lifting free weights
  • Use collars to insure that weights are tightly secured to the bar + will not slip off an unbalanced bar.
  • Do not use weights or machines until you are familiar with proper biomechanical technique for a particular exercise.
  • Warm-up properly before lifting

Individuals must limit station use to 3 – 4 minutes when people are waiting.
Faculty and staff have priority on all machines from 12:00 – 1:30 pm, Monday –Friday.
**Failure to comply will result in dismissal from the facility and loss of privilege to use the facility.