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Program Overview

Colby’s swimming and diving program is based on the axiom “Accept the Challenge!” The challenge is for each team member to reach his or her potential as both a student and as a swimmer or diver. Meets are held on Saturdays, and a flexible practice schedule is offered that includes morning practices for team members who are able to balance academics and the additional time commitment.

In the pool, team members are asked to become better athletes by improving their ability to manipulate their environment, both physically and mentally. Team members are encouraged to train year-round, with the season running from November 1 through mid-March. Conditioning, strength training, core strength and flexibility, technique development, and nutrition provide the focus for training design.

The season is divided into five sections, each focusing on a specific goal of physiological development. The first two phases focus on technique, endurance, and core strength. The third stage is both athlete- and race-specific and includes intense threshold training. Upon the conclusion of the annual Florida training trip, the team enters the fourth phase and focuses on specific speed with a balance of aerobic training. Rest, recovery, and race preparation are the mainstays of the final stage as the team tapers for the NESCACs at the end of February and the NCAAs in mid-March.