Men's tennis wins three of four flights at tournament

WENHAM, Mass. -- The Colby College men's tennis team won three of the four flights at the Gordon College/Endicott College Tournament on Saturday.

Scott Altmeyer and Sumukh Pathi took a 2-1 win for Colby over Southern New Hampshire in the Flight A final. Pathi took an 8-5 win in his singles match and teamed with Altmeyer for an 8-7 (7-2) doubles victory. The Colby duo also had 3-0 victories over Gordon and Holy Cross.
In Flight C play, Colby's Shaw Speer and Jeremy Atwater (pictured) both won their singles matches in a 2-1 win over Southern New Hampshire in the final. Atwater cruised to an 8-0 win, while Speer battled for an 8-6 victory. The pair also had 3-0 wins against Endicott and Colby-Sawyer.
Colby was guaranteed a Flight D victory when both teams made the final. Garrett Reiter and Jonathan Hallal won the flight after taking wins over teammates Sam Hoenig and Peter Messenger. Both of the Colby teams beat Babson College in semifinal matches.
Luis Gonzalez and Jeremy Mendoza made the Flight B final, but fell 2-0 to a team from Babson. The Colby team earlier had a 2-1 win against Southern New Hampshire and a 3-0 victory over Endicott. 
Gordon/Endicott Tournament
Flight A 
Colby 3, Gordon 0
1st singles: Scott Altmeyer, C, d. Mason Casady, 8-0
2nd singles: Sumukh Pathi, C, d. Nate Lookwhy, 8-1
Doubles: Altmeyer/Pathi, C, d. Casady/Lookwhy, 8-5
Colby 3, Holy Cross 0
1st singles: Altmeyer, C, d. Matt Slowinski, 8-2
2nd single: Pathi, C, d. Peter Campito, 8-0
Doubles: Altmeyer/Pathi, C, d. Slowinski/Campito, 8-6
Colby 2, Southern New Hampshire 1
1st singles: Tiago Fernandes, SNH, d. Altmeyer, 8-4
2nd singles: Pathi, C, d. Fernandes, 8-5
Doubles: Altmeyer/Pathi, C, d. Fernandes/Marreiros, 8-7 (7-2)
Flight B
Colby 2, Southern New Hampshire 1
1st singles: Luis Gonzalez, C. Xavier Aubron, 8-4
2nd singles: Bas Van Biezen, SNH, d. Jeremy Mendoza, 8-2
Doubles: Gonzalez/Mendoza, C, d. Aubron/Van Biezen, 8-7 (7-5)
Colby 3, Endicott 0
1st singles: Gonzalez, C, d. Charles Book, 8-6
2nd singles: Mendoza, C, d. Dan Rinkert, 8-3
Doubles: Gonzalez/Mendoza, C, d. Book/Rinkert, 8-5
Babson 2, Colby 0
1st singles: Brandon Rosenbluth, B, d. Gonzalez, 8-4
2nd singles: Cameron Gruss, B, d. Mendoza, 8-6
Flight C
Colby 3, Endicott 0
1st singles: Shaw Speer, C, d. Thomas Brent, 8-2
2nd singles: Jeremy Atwater, C, d. Nick Eherts, 5-3, retired
Doubles: Speer/Atwater, C, d. Brent/Eherts, 8-3
Colby 3, Colby-Sawyer 0
1st singles: Speer, Colby, d. Mike White, 8-3
2nd singles: Atwater, Colby, d. Matt Burke, 8-1
Doubles: Speer/Atwater, Colby, d. White/Burke, 8-0
Colby 2, Southern New Hampshire 1
1st singles: Speer, C, d. Ricardo Marreiros, 8-6
2nd singles: Atwater, C, d. Jeremy Reichendahl, 8-0
Doubles: Ricardo Marreiros/Reichendahl, SNH, d. Speer/Atwater, 8-1
Flight D
Colby 3, Gordon 0
1st singles: Garrett Reiter, C, d. Kris Marineau, 8-1
2nd singles: Jonathan Hallal, C, d. Matt McEathron, 8-1
Doubles: Reiter/Hallal, C, d. Marineau/Caven Bell, 8-1
Colby 3, Babson 0
1st singles: Reiter, C, d. Dan Levitan, 8-5
2nd singles; Hallal, C, d. Dylan Pace, 8-5
Doubles: Reiter/Hallal, C, d. Levitan/Pace, 8-5
Colby 3, Colby-Sawyer 0
1st singles: Sam Hoenig, C5, d. Cameron Lynch, 8-1
2nd singles: Peter Messenger, C5, d. Andy Peloquin, 8-2
Doubles: Hoenig/Hwang, C5, d. Lynch/Peloquin, 8-2
Colby 2, Babson 1
1st singles: Messenger, C, d. Connor Chin, 8-2
2nd singles: Scott Riester, B, d. Hwang, 8-6
Doubles: Hoening/Messenger, C, d. Chin Riester, 8-3
Colby (4) 2, Colby (5) 0
1st singles: Reiter, C4, d, Hoenig, 8-1
2nd singles: Hallal, C4, d. Messenger, 8-6